I do have a blog, as you can see, but it’s not hugely easy to access, or to see my past posts, so you can find them all here.

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What’s in a Label?– 13th August 2017

When someone you love needs help– 18th June 2017

How do you manage a break in therapy?– 18th June 2017

What is Trauma?– 11th June 2017

I’m really chuffed to be able to add Transformational Coaching to my Private Practice!– 26th March 2017

Who has a phobia?– 11th March 2017

Endings in Therapy– 26th February 2017

Dialogues and Monologues– 12th February 2017

A New Year Beckons– 31st December 2016

What is Success? What is Failure?– 11th December 2016

The Reality of Christmas– 10th December 2016

‘Attention Seeking’– 30th October 2016

Choices… and Outcomes… What do you choose?– 29th October 2016

Become who you really are– 16th October 2016

Volunteers Needed- Please Read!– 18th September 2016

Anxiety and Avoidance; Frenemies– 30th August 2016

The Devastation of Losing a ‘Non Human’ Family Member– 28th August 2016

Why would someone come to therapy?– 27th August 2016

Exploring and Meeting your Inner Child– 31st July 2016

How can I get the most out of therapy?– 30th July 2016

Gains or Benefits– 22nd July 2016

‘I’m OK, You’re OK’– 16th July 2016

Weightloss; Such a very real challenge– 9th July 2016

The Power of Suggestion; Thinking what you want instead– 3rd July 2016

Self Harm; Some truths. Why do people self harm?– 2nd July 2016.

Loss; Why bother coming to therapy when you can’t change it?– 26th June 2016

A Lesson in Mindfulness from Dopey 1– 25th June 2016

How do I choose the right therapist for me?– 19th June 2016

Are you living in line with your core values?– 5th June 2016.

How did I come to be a therapist?– 2nd June 2016

Needs and Resources– 1st June 2016

Memories– 31st May 2016

What patterns do you have?– 28th May 2016

First session nerves– 24th May 2016

Panic Attacks- Terrifying and Debilitating– 21st May 2016

Parts of ourselves– 15th May 2016

Imagery and Symbols– 14th May 2016

How do you think?– 7th May 2016

‘To change your situation, you need to change yourself’– 2nd May 2016

Welcome to my blog!– 1st May 2016

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