Everyone, at some point, reaches a time in their life when something needs to change.

Sometimes we can do this, or start to do this, by ourselves. More often that not, however, we need someone who can help us with this change because, if we could do the journey ourselves, then we would have done it already. That’s ok, we all need accompanying sometimes.

For some people that accompanying person can be family, a significant other or a friend, and, for many others, that person is a therapist of some description.

It might be that you are looking to move away from something. Maybe you want to move away from phobia, or maybe lose an anxiety, stop being scared of snakes, or people, or relationships, or commitment, or vomit, or something else. You might have suffered with trauma and want to heal from it. Maybe you want to lose weight or stop smoking. You might want to change any habits or patterns you have got into, including in relationships. Maybe you want to stop feeling anxious, or stop feeling sad, or stop feeling scared.

Or maybe you want to move towards something. Maybe you want to have a calmer life, or you want to react in a specific situation, in a specific way. Maybe you want to be a confident public speaker, or you want to be able to do something new, or do something you couldn’t do before. Maybe you want to become a non-smoker. Maybe you want to be able to go on an aeroplane, or hold a spider, or climb a really tall building. Maybe you want to be more confident in yourself, or feel happier within yourself, or feeling calmer. Maybe you want to believe in yourself more or enjoy life more.

If you have come to my site looking for help with your own journey, then you have taken the first step towards whatever it is you want to achieve. Well done.

When you come to see me you will discover that I work with you as a person, adjusting and tailoring my practice to meet your needs and to journey with you to achieve your therapy goal.

Hopefully you’ll take some time to browse my site, find what you’re looking for and work out whether you feel I’m the right therapist for you. If you do have any other questions, or you wish to book an appointment, then please feel free to drop me an e-mail, or give me a call.

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