The fees remain the same, whether you wish to have face to face or remote sessions.

Initial Consultation– No fee (30 minutes). Completed remotely.

Counselling– £45.00 

Three Phase Trauma Therapy– £50.00 (60 minute session). Some of the trauma processes I use would need double sessions, meaning that the fee would be £100.00 for two hours of therapy. 

Single Session Therapy– £65.00 (for up to 50 minutes). This is an option for clients where we have had a working relationship before and they want to come for a one off, or a top up session. This is appropriate for wanting to find a resolution for something, to talk through something that has happened, or to get clarity in something. This is not appropriate for crisis situations.

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy– £65.00

Hypnotherapy– £65.00

Coaching– £65.00

Applied Emotional Freedom Technique– £65.00

Smoking Cessation– £200.00 (two hours).

Please note- all sessions are 50 minutes, unless we agree otherwise or it states otherwise.

Payment Methods

Bank Transfer- Due up to 48 hours prior to the session.

PayPal Invoice (Remote Sessions)– I will invoice you on the morning of the session and payment is due prior to the session.

Zettle Card Payment (Face to face sessions)– You will be able to pay during the session.

Please note- We will only be able to confirm our next appointment once you have paid for your current appointment.

Concessionary Appointments

I offer concessionary rates on a ‘pay what you can afford’ basis. 

These sessions are for a block of six weekly sessions (most likely during the daytime during the week). Once you have completed your six sessions, you are welcome to rejoin the waiting list, if that would be helpful for you. 

These sessions are offered on a trust basis, but, to work out what amount you can afford, I would encourage you to consider what would put you into financial hardship, and then pay less than that. In this cost of living crisis, I would like therapy to be accessible to anyone who needs it, but with the awareness that people are drowning in bills and increasing costs. Therefore, please consider your housing, food and fuel costs, as well as other specific needs you have, before deciding how much you are able to pay. 

These sessions will, most likely, be payable by bank transfer, so that you can adjust the amount, each week, that you are able to pay.