I’m very lucky to have worked with some very generous people, who have given me some lovely testimonials. All of them have been published on this page with their permission.

‘Hi, This is Lorraine Jamieson and this is a testimonial for Tracy. I had one session with Tracy whereby she conducted BWRT® with me, with regards to my confidence. There was an imbalance to my external confidence and internal confidence. I can safely say it was a life changing session for me. I feel so much more confident within myself and it’s made a huge difference to me. So all I wanted to say was ‘thank you Tracy’ for that wonderful life changing experience and I wish you every success in the future. Thank you’. (Lorraine Jamieson).

‘I started working with Tracy because of a long history of anxiety and depression. From our first session I felt very comfortable and able to open up about issues I hadn’t spoken to anyone else about. Now, as our time working together comes to an end, I feel in a much more secure place and now able to recognise triggers for low mood, am able to stop most of my negative behaviours and generally ‘know’ myself much better. Life is far less stressful and chaotic and I feel stronger and better prepared to be in control of my own mental health’. (TM).

‘I would like to say a massive thank you to Tracy for the impact she has had on changing my life.  I have an autoimmune disease and with her help and hard work we have worked together to use my mind to help control what goes on in my body and give me a greater positivity to how I am feeling within myself.  This has reflected in how I physically feel and even the medication that I am taking. 

We have also worked on myself as a person and the anxieties and problems in my life and she has given me a totally different positive outlook and changed how I see myself and how I feel towards negativity and issues which I struggled with.

I have certainly changed as a person and truly appreciate all of her help with everything.‘ (LH)