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Needs and Resources

I did some CPD today called ‘Emotional Needs and Resources’.

It was fascinating and I wanted to share a bit about it.

We all, without exception, have needs, and these needs affect our emotional and physical wellbeing. These needs are:

~Food and Drink
~Emotional Connection
~Meaning and Purpose

Have a think about all those areas of your life, and how they impact on your mental health and wellbeing. What is it and isn’t working well? Do you have your needs met in this area of your life? Are you getting your needs met in a healthy manner? What needs to change for you to get the need met?

To get those needs met, we all have resources (or need to learn resources). These are

~Rational Thinking
~Pattern Matching (had I had this training before I wrote about patterns, then I may have written some some extra things in it)
~Observing Self

Some of those won’t make much sense and some won’t make any sense, although a couple may make sense as to why they are important resources. All those resources though, in their entirity, are the resources that we all need, to make sure that we can get our needs met.

This comes from a modality of therapy called Human Givens, and it’s fascinating.

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