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Imagery and symbols

Imagery can be a very powerful tool in therapy. It’s something that I’ve used very regularly with a wide variety of clients and problems. All you need to do is be able to visualise something in your mind, and your mind will generate the rest. Essentially, it is then an exploration around the image.


Think of a problem you have, and then the feeling you feel, that is associated with that problem.

Now, let your mind create a symbol for that feeling. It will be the first thing that comes to mind. It might not make much sense to you, but that’s ok. It doesn’t need to. Equally, it might make perfect sense to you.

What you need to do now is to explore the image (although, because this is a blog post, I can’t be specific to you and your symbol, so some of these questions may not apply to whatever symbol you have).

So, what is it? What colour is it? How big is it? Is it familiar to you? What texture is it? How does it feel if you touch it? Does it have a sound? Does it have a smell? If the image could speak, what would it say? Is the symbol meaningful for you?

How do you feel about the symbol?

What would you do (if anything) with the symbol?

What needs to happen with this symbol?

How would you like it to be?

That’s just a very quick and brief exploration of whatever image you have come up with, and it’s also general, and without me knowing what all your individual symbols are, but it is a method of working, when taken further, and deeper, that can bring around profound change and vastly increase self awareness.

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